#2 Week 35

The Issues – my lower limbs are feeling it. My hips, back, even knees are sore and ache a little while I sleep, making sleep a chore. Every time I turn, I have to wake up, it’s a little annoying. The heaviness, sigh. I don’t have much of an appetite, so I’ve turned to snacking, tsk tsk.

The Worries – read the forums and it freaks me out. Women with low amniotic fluid etc and you know how important it is to keep your lil one safe and sound in there and sometimes things, bad things happen for no reason and it sucks. In addition, I worry about Rylen, how she’ll handle everything, will she be okay? She doesn’t seem to understand when I talk about her little sister :(. What happens when I’m in the hospital, I’ll miss her so, I’ve never spent a night apart from her :(.

The Silliness – I can’t remember what a contraction feels like… I know right? WTH Marie, it really wasn’t so long ago, of all people I should remember right? But I don’t my brain has blocked it out. I just know I really wanted to poo, like a large, earth shattering dump would make me feel good again and that was the start 🙂

The Future – I have to admit, being pregnant instead of just fat has been nice. No more excuses, I need to lose all …ok, most of my baby weight because well, I don’t feel good with it and since I’m not having more babies I need to get my body back. I miss running, I miss cycling…. I think this time round I need to put myself first sometimes, with Rylen, she was number 1 and I had very little me time to do anything else beside go on walks with her. I now know I need the gym, no doubts about it. I need to hit the gym after the first month for the 3 months after because it’ll get way harder once I go back to work – that will only leave time for lunch workouts, blah.

A photo and I’ve been playing with my phone and came up with a different point of view, imagine, this is what Stomper and Axl are faced with on a daily basis… bit scary ahahahaha.

Lil Deux_35 weeks

Week 35 with Rylen


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