Oh What A Night….

Rylen, sigh, is a tomboy and it’s mostly fun cept’ when you throw a nagging husband into the mix. Tomboys get cuts and bruises and sometimes in their future they’ll break an arm or a chip a tooth or require stitches and it’s okay cos they keep on having a blast…. I should know.

So last night, Ry has this thing where during reading time she’ll come behind me and give me a hug and it’s super sweet, sometimes she’ll lean to the side and I need to get my arm to my back to support her and she kinda hangs there, well, last night we both were kinda ‘off’ 1. I miss read that she was off the playmat 2. she doesn’t fully understand gravity and the speed at which her head can hit the floor. So 2 mins of sobbing and some ice play after and all was good.

In comes the husband, he sings with her etc and sometimes he lies down on the mat and she climbs on top of him and they play a little rough… sigh, this time she kinda slid off him and again over the mat onto the floor and hit her face. She’s got a cut lip and more crying but nothing that playing with some ice (again) won’t cure and yes it is mainly to reduce swelling and stop the bleeding.

Then I had to endure R’s nagging about someone being there to catch her when BEFORE she falls… ok, like this whale can actually throw herself forward without hurting herself and actually managing to catch the super quick, slightly mad tomboy? Gimme a break. No one could have saved that fall and she needs to learn, you wanna play, you need to be a bit careful if not you’re gonna hurt yourself and that’s all there is to it.

That’s my take, what’s yours?


4 thoughts on “Oh What A Night….

  1. I am with you, that the kids have to learn to be careful when they play. Falling and knocking here and there a little is okay. We couldn’t possibly save all the falls, or any of the falls as it all happened in a flash.

  2. As the obviously misunderstood R, I must clarify that I also do not want to raise a wuss. I’m just saying that to take on the “they all fall all the time so it’s ok” mindset could be detrimental in the longer term. When someone proves that several rocket scientists fell on their heads 17 times on average as kids, but recently sent a spacecraft to Jupiter, I’ll shut up.

  3. Allen there is a toddler headgear u can get if wan Ry to be a rocket scientist, though she may grow up clever but with hellava inferior complex ;p rofl…

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