#2 Week 35.5 & the Last Weekend

We went for a check up on Lil Deux, she’s really following in her sisters footsteps to the T! It’s pretty amusing really, I wonder if they’ll look alike. She’s 2.8 – 2.9kg already (ohmygawd) and right about now 6 days to full term. Do you know what that means? I could pop anytime after CNY and I STILL have yet to pack my bag. Dr Khi reminded me that once the contractions start, I don’t have time to waste like I did with Ry. If I see bloody show, the mythical mucous plug, water bag leaks or my contractions are 15 mins apart, I need to make my way down to the hospital… of course I’ll try my very best to grab a shower first and make sure my Mom or MIL drop everything and look after Rylen :). Pretty exciting stuff right?

I’m also pleased to announce that my placenta has moved up and out of the way *yippeeee* and Lil Deux’s head is in position. Which means I have to go pee a lot, I get knee-ed very often and kicked in the ribs plenty. There’s still loads of water (hence the huge belly), still no sign of a stretch marks but I had to get another bottle of Clarins Tonic Oil, Palmers is good and all but I still need Clarins to help with the itch and I much prefer the smell of Clarins :).

I really need to watch what I eat (I type this while I munch on my banana walnut muffin but I’m sipping on my skinny latte) but yeah, need cut back on the fries and control even more during CNY, blah.

Next visit is on the 14 Feb, when Ry is slated to start Daycare… sigh, I’m still on the fence about this will talk about it more in my next post would love to have more points of view.

Other than that, the wet weather left my weekend a little dull. I had planned to do a small Hort Park walk with Rylen on Sunday but it’s been raining for the last 24 hours!! Poor dogs are suffering too, no proper walk and ohmygoodness Axl needs a bath! The good thing is, I was suppose to get them both shaved so they’ll be easier to keep clean when Lil Deux arrives but there was a surcharge so I made an appointment for after CNY, thank goodness, or I’d have two very cold dogs.

How was your weekend?


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