Monday Bloody Monday

Who knew Mondays could suck so bad.

First I didn’t have enough sleep, not many can function on 3.5 hours of sleep, in this state it’s even harder. Then I thought I’d have a pretty easy short week but it’s dump the stuff no one wants to do and no one else has the time to do on the pregnant lady before she leaves and HURRY :(. How different this round… but I really should have known better. I also need to get Ry’s daycare sorted and get accounting things finished on my tremendously messy, confusing, annoying, nerve recking spree I did in Dec. I will never order in Nov or Dec again and ohmygoodness VPOST made things sooooo much worse, best bit, I still have a package waiting since Nov, because they rejected it blah blah blah. Argh. Yes, I need to get back money before tomorrow… so guess who’ll be eating in today!

Then my bus driver calls and increases the fare by a tenner, okay. Plus, he wants me to pay full fare while I’m on maternity leave, I said no but I’m willing to pay him S$50 per month for 4 months to hold my place in the bus (and only because he’s nice) but he refused so February will be my last month and I cross my fingers that there’ll still be space on my bus or that the MRT station at my workplace finally opens. It just left a sour taste in my mouth you know…

I get home and I’m soooo tired, a little deflated but Rylen seems to be in a pretty okay mood and I don’t expect any issues. OHMYGAWD, she decided that today was the day she’d give me grief and let’s play Who Breaks While I Scream Bloody Murder. The whole of January she’s been a total doll, the night before she even waved goodnight to me as she rolled over to sleep… WHAT HAPPENED?! So she screamed and cried and screamed some more, while I sat in darkness till I couldn’t take it anymore and went out to get my iphone so I could play with it and sms nasty smses to Angie :). Who couldn’t I just be content with having furbabies? Why Why Why??? Cos I’m a bloody sucker for punishment that’s why! Lil Deux is kicking and rolling in there, most likely going deaf thanks to her older sister. Then finally 30 mins of pain, she sleeps and whimpers and makes me feel like a total asshole. Funny thing is her face is dry and so is her nose…hmmm.

The only thing that made my Monday a tiny bit better was finishing it with How To Train Your Dragon.

Now…. I have a crap load of stuff to do so I better get my ass into gear 😦

To All Have a great Chinese New Year, I have Ikea planned (woot, they are opened on Thursday and Friday), she still has class on Saturday and maybe Go-Go on Sunday. I hope there’s a little sun so we can bring her outdoors for muddy fun.




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