OHMYGAWD What A Weekend….

In general this long weekend kinda rocked but I have tons of work stuff to do so I have to keep it short and will put in all in Ry’s 17th Month update. But I will talk about Sunday….

It starts off nice, MacD’s breakfast, cos I felt like hotcakes, then we drove to Pasir Ris Park. Goodness, it’s changed A LOT, I used to run there but changed my route when more F&B outlets came up and the smell made me sick. The playground and the swing are awesome!! I think we should head over there more often, Rylen had soooooo much fun.

Anyways, then the afternoon comes, and frankly I’m tired, really drained but after the nap, we have lunch and get over to the club for a swim. First of all, she nearly drowns!! It’s not fun to see your daughter underwater, it was for – I’m sure no longer than a second but it felt like life suddenly when all movie like and slo-mo. Grabbed her out of the water and after a choke and a bit of a cry she was like…. whatever. Bloody scary!! She was on the whale float that some kids has brought to the pool and was balancing very well on it, not allowing us to touch it etc but either of us did have out hands on it at some point…. till an older kid did a huge splash into the baby pool and knocked her over :(. I think I need to get her arm floats or something.

Then we go shower and I’ve brought her swimming many many times and showered her alone but she was soaped up, the tiles are slippery and she’s stubborn and refused to give me back the shower head, she yanked it, slipped, on her butt then bang on her head. Oh, the crying. Since I’ve had someone’s kid brother die a year later after falling and hitting his head, these kinda injuries freak me out badly. Of course having to tell the husband just made things a 1000 times worse. Sigh. She seems fine, she milked it for all it was worth and then saw her cousin Ian and stopped crying and started laughing and 100% fine. But still lotsa ice and we both woke up a few times during the night to check on her and I wish I could go on leave to make sure she’s okay but can’t so, I’ll just worry for the next few days.

It just sucks that I know these things happen and I refused to raise my children in a bubble and this is just part and parcel of them having to understand consequences and danger but makes you feel shitty in general as a Mom and it doesn’t help when people think it’s justified to kick you when you’re already feeling down.


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