17 Months

Dearest Rylen,

I’m late writing this because we were so busy having such a great time over the Chinese New Year Long Weekend. The celebrations started on Wednesday and carried on all the way to Sunday. There was a reunion dinner at your Godpa’s house and that was really fun in a mad, mix breed, really not understanding the meaning behind lo-hei but loving the fact that the family is all together kinda fun. You always have a blast with your cousins, right now especially Kor Kor Ian.


On Thursday, Daddy wasn’t feeling well, so we headed to Ikea with Grandma & pa. Besides the kids corner, you love anything you can open and shut and Mommy going ‘fingers fingers fingers fingers’ like a broken recorder :(. You fell alseep at Courts, carried on sleeping for the next three hours on your bed at home!! Then we headed for a walk with the dogs but it was a muddy mess, all three of you got your paws, I mean your feet muddy and wet. Daddy was not pleased at ALL. I was just too tired.

Friday was extra special, you turned 17 months! Time just whizzes by, you’ve learnt so much and come so far from 12 months. You can understand nearly everything we say and you are trying to speak a lot more, it’s really fun to watch you grow and run. Anyway, we got out of bed early, packed up and headed to Botanical Gardens to feed the swans and get in some water play.

Loves her to bits

Water is Fun Fun Fun

Candid Shot

On Saturday, it was school as usual. With only four students, you were enjoying the extra attention . A little bit of rest (aka much needed naps) and we were off for another Chinese New Year celebration with your Grandmama’s family – the 1/4 Chinese side :). I hardly got to see you, after a 3 hour nap, you were in a pretty good mood and had lotsa fun with all your second cousins. I didn’t even get to take a photo you in your cheongsam and all my hard work of getting your hair up :(.

Sunday, well… Sunday. We had loads of fun on the swings at Pasir Ris Park. I love the way you tilted you head back, sun in your face, wind in your hair and smiled. You really are my child. The fearless way you go down the slides, my heart races for a split second and then Daddy come right down after you. My two daredevils.

Happy Kiddo on a Swing

Hugs baby girl,



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