What I Don’t Need Right Now…

Two March MTBs have given birth or are in labour right now, one was due on the 26 Feb, the other 6 Mar and one more is already 3cm dilated but wants to wait and see. That has send all the mummies on the forum into a frenzy and yes, I’m right in the middle of it too! At first I found it funny and then I decided to list down the things I needed to do/ get/ buy/ wash/ etc and now I am freaking OUT!! But I have my list, and I LOVE lists and yes, I have it but everyone needs to get with the programme for it to work!

Then, I get a phone call that Ry’s running a fever, tired, had a 2 hour nap and still looks tired and after Sunday, the first thing that came to mind was SHIT SHIT SHIT CRAP CRAP CRAP. Doesn’t help that my MIL’s maid is a bit of a drama queen. But, I’m pretty sure she’s teething – she’s been a lil grumpy, she’s woken up at night, she’s been drooling a little and it’s about the time (teething schedule). I don’t like just anyone giving her¬†medication, so I’ve asked them to hold on, keep her cool, 38.4 C right now under her armpits. I think as long as she doesn’t puke, I can deal with her when I get home. Again, doesn’t help when people go ‘ as long as you’re sure’. Argh. But I will be calm, cool and believe in my Mommy-ness.


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