No one is getting with the PROGRAMME! Didn’t anyone get my memo? In order for me to be all zen before I pop, I need everyone to GET WITH THE PROGRAMME. šŸ˜¦

Ry’s still got a fever it’s hit her badly the past two nights. Nothing else seems wrong with her, will carry on full swing with the fever meds today. The problem is, if she’s not well, she can’t get her shots and I do not feel good sending her to school without her MMR jab.

I’m so tired today I can feel my body vibrate like it’s struggling to keep going but I had breakfast and felt much better. She’s at my mom’s today so I need to finish up some work and get my darn nails done… I wonder if I can sleep during my mani/ pedi that would make so much sense. Then get some of her school stuff sorted and decide if I want to bring her to the doctors or maybe to the park if my body allows it.

I wish I was on a nice island alone, with blue water, blue skies, nice white sand, a good book, my shades, lotsa fruit juice, a nice bikini, the only worry are my tan lines and what I want for dinner. Not what I should feed everyone else, not worry about naps etc… just bliss for 48 hours.

The only good thing is I never took these momentsĀ for granted, I knew one day I would cling to the memory to stay sane.

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