BN or Pre Loved

So I like new thing, I mean duh. But when you have a baby and you’re not sure how things are gonna work out ie. if your kiddo will take to it, things in general are expensive, sometimes it makes sense to buy second hand. Especially in today’s world it really helps reduce waste. So I do try to look around first before I buy. In Australia, you get great deals on second hand stuff, tees for 5 bucks etc …. in Singapore, some people are idiots.

Example: I would like to get my Rapid Sterilizer second hand (if possible) but if I can get it brand spanking new at S$95 why would I pay S$80 for a secondhand one and it’s 3 years old. I mean really? If it’s used I think you need to reduce it by 50%, you’ve used it, opened it, finished it’s warranty. It’s not a collectors item for goodness sake. Blah.



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