Rylen’s been super clingy, whiny, and dramatic this week. The mixture of – I’m sure she knows what’s coming, because she points to my belly and goes Mei Mei and Baby, taps it and kisses it & the fact that she hasn’t been feeling 100% – so everyone carries her at a whimper (everyone meaning  – Grandmothers & maid). All this means that I feel like a evil bitch when I stand away from her and let her scream her head off because I don’t want to carry her, R has to finally PLAY strict Daddy and she pouts and OHMIGAWD…she out-starred me on Saturday night.

I never thought that was even possible. I can out stare all my dogs, cats, the husband, my parents… I mean no one has ever out-glared me! That’s how I control my pets for goodness sake. But there you go, my eyes got dry and it was so bloody long I had to blink and look away – FAIL. Sigh.

She starts half day care this Wednesday and I dropped off the cheque and witnessed two boys crying and acting like they were in prison, ohdeargoodness.



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