#2 Week 38

We Make Big Babies. I put on 0.6kg from the last appointment before CNY and Lil Deux somehow has dug deep into my fat reserves and packed on 0.9kg. Which makes her between 3.4kg to 3.8kg and GROWING. Okay, I refuse to panic because we  were told the same thing with Rylen (she was 3.46kg at birth) but at the same time… Dr Khi doesn’t feel good knowing how big she’s getting and how fast and she’s worried it might be dangerous for her, however, she’s got plenty of water, her heartbeat is good, she’s still kicking up a storm even though she’s engaged. Oh and I’m ZERO dilated, you’d think a second time Mom’s body would be more giving wouldn’t you? Groan.

Last night, she was going crazy in there and I saw a side profile of a FOOT, I kid you not! Now, I’m not skinny so I don’t expect to see body bits of any kind but this was AMAZING! Then I kept pointing and smacking R to get his attention, he just places his hand on my belly without looking and the foot was never to be seen again 😦 I should have just reached for my camera instead, blah.

So decisions had to be made yesterday, I’m not sure if it’s hormones but I was very emotional about all and every decision. I finally packed my hospital bag. Sorted out the girl’s room (with a whining, demanding, sometimes crying, dramatic kid hugging my leg). Called Ry’s school this morning and told them she’ll start in a month instead of tomorrow. I think in general this is for the best, hopefully Ry gets all her necessary shots, learns to self feed a lil better (maids always try and avoid a mess), she grows up a bit more, gets used to her new friend (Gloria) and baby sister. Plus, at least I can deal with her better when I’m just fat and not pregnant.

RyBear@ 38 Weeks


2 thoughts on “#2 Week 38

  1. I think you made a right decision! It’s good to keep Ry at home to bond with her baby sister. And you don’t have to worry about her falling sick once she starts school. I kept my boy at home (about Ry’s age) when I gave birth to my baby girl. I do think that 2 months helped them to build up a very special and strong bond right from the start. It’s managable (we didn’t have maid, no confinement lady, just my mum stayed with us to help). Get Ry to help out and involve as much as possible.

    Best of luck (probably your next post would be after delivery?)!!

  2. I’m gonna wait a lil longer, I have too much work to finish and I would like baby to grow a lil bit more, just a tiny little bit.

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