Mistakes Our Parents Made

So lets all agree on one thing – we love our kids, we love our dogs/cats, right? They make us all go fuzzy inside. But I love that they make me laugh. Axl does this thing every night where he scratches his belly on our grass weave carpet… it’s the cutest thing cos he wags his tail all the way around. Stomper… hmm, Stomper is a bit of a cow right now so I won’t go there. Then there’s Rylen….

I was raised in a slightly cruel way. Basically, when you get hurt – people (dad, mom, older cousins, uncles) laughed at you, when you cry – people point and laugh at you and call you a baby, when you fall – they call you fat, clumsy, point and laugh at you. Now, I don’t wanna be quite as evil as my ahem…Dad. So there will be hugs and kisses and there will be NO fat, clumsy (you reading this husband?!) but there will be laughing. I mean come on, falls are funny especially when they aren’t serious and when Rylen was being naughty. It’s a lil sad that we all have to be a lil like our parents, oh well. At least, I was never the whining kid at the playground, I learnt to get up and fast before too many people noticed and called me clumsy, fat, pointed and laughed.


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