Poo Poo Mummy

Ry’s been picking up words like nothing else, she surprises us all the time. Her favourite word… is… poo poo and pee pee ahahah and Mummy. Sometimes she just like saying the word poo poo, so we don’t always take her seriously but she’s seriously not kidding, when she says poo poo, you better check for poop. I don’t know if I should start potty training her… I still think it’s too soon but we have the potty and I bought two cheapo training pants from Robinsons, we just need to figure out where to put the potty I guess. Blah.

Mummy, she hasn’t whined it yet, she just likes saying it and pointing to my picture and making me go ‘yes, Rylen’. But she’s been sooooo loving and always with the hugs and kisses (she’s no longer sick-ish) and so happy with the slippers we got her, it’s amusing. BTW, I got her 3 pairs, 2 from Old Navy but they are too big and being ‘thongs’ they aren’t as easy to put on just yet.
Ry's Yellow Flip Flops

But seriously check out that smile.

So while she was in class on Saturday, I got her a Dora purple pair and there was actual giggles and pointing, so sweet lah, I’ll get a picture soon. I love that I’m passing on the flip flop beach bum love, even though I’m totally for proper shoes for toddles, most of the time.

She’s also sleeping in her bed, through the night. Her request. Those footed ON or GAP PJs are god sent, they keep her warm enough in the aircon even when she kicks off the blanket, I just really prefer the GAP ones, they are more expensive but softer, oh well, next time.

The helper update. She’s totally quiet, sigh, very different from Deza and Nimfa (MILs helper). Ry’s used to noisy people and singing, we’ve told her not to be shy and all but I guess it takes time. Her previous employer hardly spoke to her, she  took care of their 3 dogs, did the house work and slept in the kitchen. It it really hard to ask someone living with you, helping you every day – how was their day? did they eat? is their family ok? Maybe tell them something funny?

Oh and a funny story :-

Me, Nimfa and Glory in the kitchen, standing around my ‘island’.
Me: Did she poo-poo today
Nimfa: Who?
I look at her for a good minute, frown and then look amused
Me: Who do you think Nimfa? Really?
Nimfa looks lost, Glory looks amused. Nimfa FINALLY gets it.
Me: Really do you think I’ll be asking about yours or Glory’s toilet habits, sigh.
Nimfa: Aiyo, you ah…

A not so funny story is that I’m getting so huge that people think I’m having twins. This kid better be as cute as heck.


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