Radio Silence Explained

Hi, I’m back! I really want to get my birth story up and archived before I forget the little details but life got in the way.

First, Rylen came down with stomach flu. Vomitting, pooping and asking for her Mummy. Since I was feeling well and ready, my doctor agreed to let me leave early. I did everything I could to make coming home easy. Got a flu shot even, no epi, no c-sect, I could pee n poo, I was good to GO!

Waiting for R to come with the car, Ry did a major poo and the maid didn’t pack any extra clothes, grrr. Still trying to clean her up, my mom runs in and vomits and vomits and then can’t stand. OMG. I had to carry Ry and support my mom and get them out of the toilet. Sent baby back to the nursery and my mom to A&E. Finally get home and I’m tired.

At night during story time with Ry, she pukes all over me, I had just had my first shower in 48 hours! Changed her and cleaned up. Crashed. At midnight, baby wakes up and oh noes my tummy is making the same noise Ry’s was. 7 toilet trips, 3 feeding sessions and I go see the doctor, I can hardly walk for 5 mins without wanting to sit down. Thankfully, the meds kicked it and it was just bad 24 hours. I hardly ate but drank lots of water, worried about my supply but it kicked it when I start to feel better, whew.

I know that there are so many worse thing that could and can happen but it still stresses me out. All intentions to follow any kind of confinement has been throw out the window, the girls come first. I didn’t even enjoy my one and only massage session, too stresses about with :- what’s happening to either of them, one’s crying and
the other whining cos she wants to sleep… Sigh. I knew it wasn’t gonna be easy but I didn’t think I’d be faced with so many hurdles either. One day at a time.

Right now, I’m breast feeding Jordan at Mt A, she’s been warded since Tuesday for jaundice. I cried till my head hurt, it’s a shitty feeling going home without your baby. Its gone down from 22 to 14.9 to 9. One more day and she should be back home on Friday. Rylen by the way turns 18 months on Friday! My life, it seems is run by forces I cannot control and just have to deal with. Don’t like it one bit.


8 thoughts on “Radio Silence Explained

  1. BIG HUGS! Do take care of yourself as well as your two little ones. Just keep thinking that things WILL get better.

    Sending lots of positive vibes your way!

  2. First, congratulations and enjoy your newborn!

    Big hugz! So much for you to handle, but you handled it all, you are a strong mum! I am sure things are getting better and better. Hope the virus had left the house for good (very contagious huh!). Take good care!

  3. Don’t worry.. none of the bad stuff is permanent and you’re taking the right attitude with it. No choice but just go with the flow and try not to let it get to you too much. You’re doing a great job, so hang in there!


  4. It sucks to have so many sick people at home, but hang in there. Don’t think it can get worse than this. And hello to the littlest one, welcome to the world!

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