Just a quite blurp, Lil Deux turned 2 weeks old yesterday :), she still jaundiced at 11.7 so I hope it stays under control, we give her an additional feed of formula (60 ml) a day to help get rid of it, she feeds about 70/ 80 ml of boob juice a feed!! I remember with Ry it was 40ml. I’m tired, stretch, confinement *pffft* no such thing.

Ry also turned 18 mths last Friday, I owe her a letter. She’s been pretty good so far and starts school next week, I’m freaking out bout that 😦 I really hope she takes to it.

I owe photos, soon.


2 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. Hey I realised I’ve missed the big news! Congrats on Jordan! 🙂

    What a tough 2 weeks it has been for you though. I’m quite shocked upon reading about the stomach flu because it seems to be hitting so many people!

    Take good care!

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