A secondary school mate of mine posted on her FB about how her kid is 17. My first thought was ‘WTF? How is that possible!’ Did the calculations and OMG, she didn’t get it wrong ahaha. I still remember her mom yanking her out of school when she found out, the drama!

Then I remembered it’s my birthday around the corner… This will be the second year in a row I’m not celebrating… sign of things to come? Gosh, I hope not! Next year, I wanna party like I’m 24! I figure I have another 5 years to go before I hang up the killer heels but first I need to shed the baby fat. 3 kg to pre preggo size and at least 5kg to go before normal and 2/3 kg to wedding size, faint!

I won’t bother with a wish list but this has been on my list for ages and I have no idea why I haven’t just gotten it but I would like a good cordless phone, anyone have a good one to recommend?


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