Jordan – 1 Month

Dearest Jordan,

It’s been a month, woot! It’s a big deal because what a month it’s been. First – lotsa drama, then the lack of sleep, you also have reflux and breastfeeding you is …. well… a bit of a chore, been pumping and giving feeding breast milk via bottle mostly. I’m determine to get us through this (will blog about this another time). Needless to say, it’s been a trying month and you owe me a hearing aid at some point.

Slowly, we’re starting to like you. Loving you is a given, we don’t really have a choice 🙂 but liking you now that’s really hard during the first three months. You starting to do more than – drink, scream, cry, spit up, pop, pee, repeat. You’re starting to focus and I can’t wait for your first coo and real smile to fall head over heels.

Jie Jie is pretty happy with you too and it’s all fine and dandy when you aren’t crying aka screaming but once you start, she starts whining and it’s like OMG shoot me now please.

I just keep telling myself things are gonna get better and in a year or two it’s gonna be fun fun fun.

Till then, Mummy and Daddy love you even when you’re being a total asshole of a drama queen :).

Kisses, Mummy

3 thoughts on “Jordan – 1 Month

  1. Congrats on getting through the first month! I found that the hardest …. And it can only get better from here onwards =)

  2. Yeah, 1 month has passed! I actually found the 1st month the easiest (cos my babies have no reflux problem and slept most of the time). Regardless, it definitely gets easier and easier, and more and more fun.

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