Run Mama Run

I got my runners out, it’s been 8 months since I wore something with laces. I had just started jogging again before I found out I was pregnant and because the pregnancies were so close I knew my body wasn’t going to be ready to do all the exercise I did while I was carrying Rylen.

Can’t believe I’m saying this but how I’ve missed running and I really miss working out at the gym. For now I’m taking it easy mostly walking and lil bit of jogging, my lower ‘abs’ still hurt a little, I’m also happy to report I can touch my toes with great ease, for some reason this made me grin like an idiot. It was also awesome to send some time with the fur babies.

Now, I need to blog from a laptop cos uploading photos via mobile is troublesome, photos of the drama queen coming up soon, hope everyone has a good weekend!


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