Questioning Our Sanity

So Lil J was a complete asshole last night and that my friends is putting if nicely! It was the worse night in my history and we’re not even dealing with a sick kid okay.

She woke up for her usual 12 ish feed, the hubba (bless his heart) who usually feeds her expressed milk tries to get her back to bed while I pumped, he kept trying and then he started to get annoying (its correct, no grammer mistake here) so I took the baby and went downstairs! It was nice though – gentle breeze, mommy’s heart beat, she was out in 5 mins. Got home put her down, tuck myself in and she’s up and it’s time for her 3 ish feed anyway.

To cut a long and tedious story short; the only way we could get her to shut up was to feed her. The she’s up again at 5am refuses to sleep in her cot, I have to breastfeed her n let her sleep beside me or R’s not getting any rest at all!

I cannot wait for her to get old enough and we can get a little even with the ‘cry it out’ method, we’ll be armed with earplugs and iPhone, hell yeah.

Moral of the story? We got played by a 5 week old and I need to get another mattress for R to bunk in with Ry when necessary.


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