End of the Bottle

Rylen never makes anything easy, every single thing we do we have to feel like total bastards for at least two days to a week. From breast to bottle… I’ll never forget that epic horrific adventure, getting her to sleep on her own, etc etc… Now, it us time to get her off the bottle cos I know if I don’t do if while I’m home, the maid won’t be able to… COS EVERYONE IS WEAKSAUCE!!! So she has till the end of the week to suck it up cos it’s bye bye bottle.

I know most Asians think it’s perfectly fine to see a 3 year old sucking on a bottle but seriously by the time the kid can spell milk
he/her better be drinking it from a cup! That being said, I am totally ready for failure, we’ve tried it on several mornings and OMG she just kept going milk milk milk milk milk milk milk mmmmmmilk. Isn’t motherhood just such joy and the next person who comments on how nice it must be to be on such long leave – You will get pinched like how Rylen pinches me when I don’t give her something and let me tell you it hurts!

2 thoughts on “End of the Bottle

  1. Does R still drink a lot of milk? I asked our PD about transitioning from bottle to a cup for milk feeding and she said we’ll have to expect a drop in milk intake. I’m unwilling to do that now since Bubbles has lost quite a bit of weight recently from illness, so we give her milk in a cup only for 1 out of 3 feeds.

  2. Well, he actually gets a lot of calcium from other sources – spinach, tofu, cheese, yogurt… She won’t suffer BUT I will likely keep the night feed for a bit, that the worse to keep but we’ll see how it goes.

    Experts say it’s really ok as long as they get off the bottle by two.

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