Where Did She Go?

I know I’ve been pretty quiet, it’s not as easy updating on the phone and once the laptop comes out … Rylen and I usually get into a fight.

Basically, we’re surviving. R’s super busy with work = I’m moody and he’s grumpy & tired.

Jordan’s reflux is getting better, she spits up sometimes but it’s not as bad. She’s cooing and trying to communicate, tres cute. Nights are usually okay, I still try and get afternoon naps in myself cos I never know when she’s gonna give us a hard time.

Rylen’s getting into the whiny toddler phase and it really annoys me sometimes but at the same time she amazes me with how much she understands and how fast she’s picking up words. She makes us laugh with weird dances and poses/expressions and when we laugh she laughs and it’s hilarious – my own lil weirdo!

Personally, given up on the whole going to the gym, I don’t have the time and when I stretch myself too thin I get sick, had a bad nasal infection two weeks back, got better with loads of vitamin c and sleep. I have been getting two run/walks in a week, the aim is to get it to three times a week and increase the distance.

Okay, time to pump before turning in. Since it’s just minutes before midnight – Birthday Wishes to my Mummy ( who’s in Zurich!) and Wendy! Hugs!


2 thoughts on “Where Did She Go?

  1. i guess we better hold back on the f- bombs…. our kids are gonna be terrors. i foresee lotsa trips to the pincipal’s office.

  2. Good idea to skip the gym for now. Me thinks you should just express more milk and that’ll help you burn calories too …

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