Life with Jordan is slowly getting better. She’s smiling big smiles even though mostly she looks like a grumpus, it’s mostly the cheeks :p. The CIO method has worked wonders, huge sigh of relief, there are off days but it’s usually not as long nor as loud as before.

Our routine is as follows:-
7pm – bath, if we’re late… she gets annoyed, I kid you not
8pm – bottle of expressed milked cos I’m usually giving Ry her shower, getting her ready for bed (plus Ry’s usually clingy at this point)
8.30pm – if the hub is around he gets Ry to sleep (milk, prayers and just sits in the dark till she falls asleep) while I sing a song or two and wish Jordan a good night in a crazy high, merry voice. Good days there’s a bit of a whine and a sigh, other days there’s about 10 minutes of crying, I comfort her a little – pat, sometimes a song, stroking her hair, then I turn off all the lights, for her that works.
12 mm – dream feed, usually a change of diapers before
5.20 – 6.30am – she wakes up for a feed and after a huge burp she sleeps next to me, I try always to get her to sleep in her cot but it never works and R needs that extra hour of zzz, so I give in, not sure what’s gonna happen when I go back to
9.30am – another feed and some times she sleeps some more and I get off the bed and spend time with Ry
11am – her bath followed by another feed while Ry gets fed by my helper (days when Ry tries to be funny n I have to feed them together is not funny)
1.15 – Helper, Ry & dogs go down for a pee ( dogs only, duh) and I start to get Jordan down for her PM nap. Both girls are usually down by 2pm.
Some sanity or a chance for me to shower the dogs, get a needed nap, prepare dinner or go to the supermarket.
3 or 4pm – A feed
6 pm – feed (she cluster feeds) try to join Ry for a walk with the dogs, just chill with Jordan and twice a week a ‘run’

That’s my day (usually), I thank god for help, family aka my village. They say it takes a village, I couldn’t agree more, esp with 2 under 2. That being said, I’m very lucky that Rylen adores her baby sister and has been very understand for a little kid. Sure she has bouts of jealously but barely before 7pm… Again, not sure how that’s gonna change once I go back to work in 3 weeks 😦

Ok, that’s it for now, tomorrow Jordan’s getting baptized… Gonna be a crazy day ahead. Nite.


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