Jordan – 3 Months

Dearest Jordan,

Today you turn three months old! Yesterday you were baptized and we did pretty much the same thing but a little different. You were so well behaved in church, looking intently at Fr Vaz like you were trying to focus on what he was trying to say, very cute, not a single scream either. So proud of you.

Everyone says how big you are and chubby and of course; how cute 🙂 Sometimes, I worry about how big you’re getting and my arms scream in pain but I know (looking at your sister) you’re gonna be just fine. You’re really strong and can lift you head off your pillow at night, you’re trying to sit up, you still hate more than two minutes of tummy time and soon you can enjoy the Jumperoo! Woof, lil milestones. You kinda know your names – Jordan and Mei Mei and turn to look when we call you, your Jie Jie is still very smitten and has agreed to share her room with you soon :). My two darling girls!

The sad fact is that Mommy needs to go back to work in three weeks, now that there’s a date, it’s made me so sad. I know you’ll be fine, I know we don’t have a choice plus I know I like working.. I guess I wish I worked closer to home so I could leave later and get home earlier. Sigh.

Anyway, THREE MONTHS baby girl, so much has changed and all for the better!

Hugs, kisses and much love,


One thought on “Jordan – 3 Months

  1. Happy 3 months, Jordan!

    All the best with the going-back-to-work adjustments – it is never easy but knowing that you enjoy working is a big plus! Think about the adult lunches you’ll get to enjoy 🙂

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