Back to the Grind

I go back to work tomorrow. I’ve having nightmares about the coffee joint at my workplace changing from Spins to Coffee Bean, having to move my work station again, discovering ants all over my desk. The real living nightmare is that Jordan has decided to move around her cot A LOT, has been waking up before 5.30am, for a month her sleep pattern worked for me going back to work, then BAM… Change. Groan. To add on, Ry woke up 3 times last night, refuses to let Allen to put her to bed, sigh.

Going for a nice brunch with my folks and to get a new jacket to fit my chubby frame, I’ve given up and I know I’ll only shed the weight when I’m done breast feeding, strange but it was the same with Ry.

On the plus side I work a 3 day week for the next two months or so, I won’t be such a zombie.


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