With two sick kids… Father’s Day was a bit of a dud… for me. Please also note that no one celebrated Mother’s Day for me either HOWEVER… I did have small plans but they fell through, sigh, R’s a lil annoyed when I announce he wasn’t my Father so, like, whatever. Hopefully the kids get better and I get a lil more sleep and don’t feel like I’m gonna fall over and we can do our own thing. Cos I do love my husband and he’s almost always an awesome father 🙂 even when he’s over worked and I know is screaming in his head – go the fuck to sleep!!

Anyways, both Ry and Jordan are sick, they caught the flu and it kinda sucks cos I’ve taken pains to keep Jordan sick free and my target was 6 months, damn it. We went to the doctor ASAP since he’s only opened on Saturday AM and closed on Sunday, I hate that I’ve become one of those parents that rushes to see the doctor at a sniffle but Ry’s sniffle has turned to a chesty cough and fever and a running nose, NOT COOL. I’m debating if I should get her the flu jab (anyone an opinion on this? I’d like points of view), I got it and it’s helped some, I think.

Sick Kids = Total Lack of Sleep. Father’s Day means dragging my tired ass to a Father’s Day lunch and then rushing to my Mom’s to wish my Dad. I hate it, didn’t enjoy myself, I felt obligated and that makes me feel bad. I do however have a few pictures 🙂

Rylen and her Daddy Jordan and her Daddy

It’s Monday, it’s nearly over and I don’t work on Tuesdays and Fridays. I hope Jordan’s kind to me tonight because ohmygoodness I need sleep.


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