Jordan – 4 months

Dearest Snuggle Bunny,

Four months. Some days I think – ONLY? And other times I think – ALREADY? Really?

You’ve changed and become a sweetheart, don’t get me wrong you’re still super loud but I know that you’re less demanding than your sister was… or maybe it’s because we’ve done this before and we anticipate better and work faster. Early mornings, I change you and aw your smile, no more FEED ME WOMAN screams, you’re patient and happy and as long as I perform the diaper changing duties in under 2 mins you’re all good. I love lying in bed with you after and watching you sleep, all full and content, makes me happy and proud that I could be of service :). The thing is, just when I think I’m gonna try my darnest to breast feed you for longer you threaten to reject the bottle, freaks everyone out. The target is still 6 months but I’d love to for longer, so get with the programme okay?

Four months and you love looking at your Daddy, he’s uber fascinating it seems, your sister always makes you smile, kick and coo, the dogs are like regular TV and oh TV… ohmygawd you love TV! I can’t feed you and watch TV, can’t talk on the phone, can’t talk to anyone, argh.

I showed a friend of photo of you the other days and he (yes, men are a lil silly a lot of the time) exclaimed  “What happened to her?!!” Uh? ” Her cheeks, does she have mumps?” Sigh. Let me tell you my baby girl, your cheeks are soooooo cute, you pretty much had chubby cheeks in the womb and they just got chubbier and cuter as the months went by. I also know some super skinny girls who were major chubby as babies, so no worries, for now we all enjoy them cheeks nom nom nom.

Jordan's Bath

P.S – You also LOVE your bath… just hate getting out of the water, omg, the screams of protest.

Hugs and kisses,



2 thoughts on “Jordan – 4 months

  1. MUMPS?!! HAHAAHA… she has the cutest cheeks! Looks like things are settling down nicely (usually about 4 months as I remember too) 🙂

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