Lil J gets really grumpy when she doesn’t get milk from the tap and Ry wants attention, evenings when I work are such a blast I tell you :(.

Poor RyBear is really sick still. Puked while Allen and I were walking the dogs, came back to the maid hugging her and trying to wipe her down. She was so stinky I just grabbed her and gave her a quick shower, where she cried and cried and whined. Then a some warm water, bit of milk and a looooooong cuddle and she went back to bed. I really hate coughs.

Then we’re watching House and R tells me the funniest thing:

R: I’m gonna start going to the gym

Me: Oh where, cool

R: Yeah baby, I’m gonna bring SEXY BACK

Me: Choke, what? ahahahahahahaha

He cracks me up.


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