I Miss…

I really miss – having nice arms (who knew all that work at the gym was necessary, I thought it was genetics, blah!). I miss NOT having a floppy belly; I mean my belly has always been a sore point but seriously…now it’s kinda NASTY! I miss having a single chin. I miss boardshorts. I miss being able to go to the gym as and when I want to, kinda impossible now, argh.

I never thought losing weight was gonna be this hard and the lies people tell…oh  you know it’ll melt right off when you breast feed, SCREW YOU! Okay, maybe it helped but very little, then I went on the pill that’s safe to take while I breast feed and OMG. I was going to breast feed Jordan till hit 6 months (1.5 months away), but she’s taken to the bottle/ boob situation well, so now the new aim is 8 months and I then I can switch back to my regular pill and hopefully losing this weight won’t be such an uphill task?

In the mean time I was TRYING to control the eating but it just makes me want MacDs even more! But I have switched my morning muffin from Double Chocolate Chip with Banana to 4 Nut Banana Muffin which  they claim is low fat… the issue however was that with the Double Chocolate I never finish my muffin but I finish my Nutty Banana, how lah like this?!! I’m also trying to avoid eating late at night and trying to just have a slice of bread for breakfast like I used to, before I got pregnant… I’m just so used to being hungry and eating well.


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