Ignore the cuteness

It is true that it does get a little easier the second time around… regarding a few things. Basically you’re so sleep deprived and so tired looking after two, plus with work, life in general… things just need to be easier. For example, with Rylen – yes we sleep trained her and all that but when she so much as whimpered we’d get up to check on her, maybe feed her etc. With Jordan, however, I’ve stopped her midnight feed (which I tell you was heaven sent up till now), the first day she woke up at 4am, screaming and I fed her, the second day she woke up at 5.10 am and then 5.30am and today she made it all the way till 6.40am which is ideal for me. Of course there are the sighs, grunts, kicking of legs, sucking of hands and even a hoot or two but she falls back to sleep in a minute, so we just ignore ignore ignore.

Rylen was sick recently and we checked on her a lot and it became a habit super fast. She was waking up at 12mn and then again around 2.30am just to whine. So what did we do? We started to ignore her. Don’t we just sound like the worst parents ever? First, we’d check on her and tell her to sleep and leave the room… ok – R did it, she’s too manja with me and it won’t work. Then we started to ignore and in 3 days she stopped. It’s been a week and she hasn’t given us grief.

So there you go, I ignore both my girls and let me tell you – they sometimes ignore me right back. Sigh, Rylen is turn 2 going on 15!

R is also able to put Rylen to bed super quickly but for some annoying reason it does not work with me. So when he gets home late I need to stay in the room with Ry till she falls asleep, drives me a bit nuts because it’s uncomfortable to feed Jordan on the floor while we wait and sometimes Rylen decides to sing and Jordan gets distracted and OMG, I want to scream. So that on my part is a work in progress.

Anyways, a few photos of our last weekday outing, it’s gonna be a while before we get to do this again since R starts his new job today! I really need to get a double stroller and grow balls to take them both out myself. I just don’t have the guts yet.

My favourite shot of the day

A very close second 🙂


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