Jordan’s Birth Story

Long overdue…

Arrival – 23 February
Weight – 3.64kg
Length – 52cm

Was induced on the 22 February, against my better judgment, again – big baby, fear of a c-section, complications. In retrospect, I should have waited till her due date, I had no personal or health issues, I remember thinking “NEXT TIME, I’m gonna stick to my guns” and then I remember… there isn’t going to be a next time 😛

So we went in around 10ish, checked, everything was ok, after I inserted the pill and Dr Khi announced I was 2cm dilated, aw man, again… should have stuck to my guns! This time round, no shopping, I learnt my lesson. We went to this café at MacRitchie Reservoir but I couldn’t really enjoy lunch, the contractions kept coming but they weren’t too painful, just uncomfortable. Since we were warned that the second time round babies come faster, we didn’t bother to go home. At around 3pm, we decided to check into Mount Alvernia.

I walked around, watched TV, felt pretty good actually, nothing like the pain I had experienced with Rylen… not yet anyway. At 4pm the nurses checked and I was 3cm (ONLY), Dr Khi came and I was 6cm around 6pm, decided that yes, we’d break the waterbag in hope that it would help speed up the delivery. At 7pm, Allen goes to have dinner and this part gets disappointing. The nurses kept pushing drugs, they didn’t take my birth plan seriously this time, the husband wasn’t around and the monitor they had me on was WRONG! My pain was intense but it kept showing that nothing was happening. So I agreed to Pethidine which I really didn’t want, was a bit upset when I realized what I had agreed to. Anyways, R came back and I told him what had happened but my contractions still ‘hurt like a mother’ but the monitor wasn’t picking it up, he believed me because I was grabbing his hand soooo hard, I was starting to worry. The nurses then realized that there was a connection problem, argh.

I controlled my breathing of the Awesome Gas aka Nitrous Oxide, because I wanted to be more aware of what was happening this time round. Still things got a bit hazy between 8 – 10pm, all I know is that R was watching a movie and I only needed his hand. Then I glanced at the clock… WTH, it’s 22:03, what’s up with this kid, I want a baby on  the 220211, come on already it’s the only silver lining with this whole inducing bullshit – the date, argh. But Jordan seemed stuck (I have a curved cervix, it usually means it’s harder for me to get pregnant… really?), I was freaking out because I had already broken my waters but she wasn’t in distress.. But I stopped relaxing and decided to hurry this kid up. I know right it’s so me isn’t it, if there is an aim, I go a bit nuts.

The actual birth was pretty quick, 2 or 3 pushes and she was out. It’s amazing, the second time, you actually know what you’re supposed to do, when to push and when to hold back (I was completely blur with Rylen, even after attending classes). The actual birth hardly hurt, just those damn contractions! No episiotomy, just small tears which I feel heal faster and better anyway. Rylen had come out screaming, Jordan was a bit quiet, I remember looking over worried and saw her looking back at me J.

BUT she came on the 23 February just after midnight, of course.

I wasn’t all to happy with hospital this round, maybe because it was night but they never brought Jordan to me and I thought something was happening, why aren’t they bringing her to so that I can breast feed her? I had insisted that R go home to rest and be with Rylen, if not I’m sure he would have asked earlier. Sigh, my mistake is that I should have put us – Jordan and myself first. Pethidine made Jordan sleepy for the next 24 hours and that hurt breastfeeding, there are also reports that says that inducing babies = high chance of jaundice which Jordan had badly. I kept blaming myself for a long time after but fact is, that I should have said WAIT, give me another week, follow my gut, I can’t even say next time, this factory is closed J. Whatever it is, carrying a child inside you, feeling them kick, squirm, knowing you’re keeping him/her safe and then having the strength to give birth is in a word AMAZING.

I know motherhood isn’t for everyone and I miss a lot of things – like sleeping in, sun tanning and the list is long but I would never trade it (personally) for anything.

Read: Rylen’s birth story and the drama after Jordan was born which was why Jordan’s birth story was saved as a draft for so long 🙂


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