Ry & Lil J

Rylen has started potty training, we’re using the Gina Ford method. It’s hasn’t been easy… she gets really upset when her pee goes down her leg… like really really upset. But has ‘gone’ a few times in her potty, fingers crossed. Basically, according to the book if we follow instructions to the T she’ll be out of diapers in 2 weeks but not out of night time diapers till 3 years, which is fine with me, I can’t imagine her finding her way out of her room to the loo or her potty in the dark anyways.

Jordan… sigh. Is being an ass again, I know I know I JINXED it. Anyways, I was pretty sure it was a growth spurt but because I kept falling asleep with her in bed and she got used to it really quickly, she’s been waking up at night. Last night/ this morning was the worse! 11pm, at some point I found her next to me at 3am (I don’t even remember waking up), 4am (tried to let her cry and ignore but my goodness she’s loud, even her fake cries), 5.30am and then 6.30am. Sigh. OMG. I’m giving her one more night JUST IN CASE, it really is a grow spurt and I don’t want to be a bad, evil mummy.

Anyways, I need to start using Ry’s old cot in my room, Jordan will get used to the cot and then in 2 months time, we’ll move her into what will be known as the Girl’s Room (no more Ry’s room). How exciting, I get to use my smelly body creams again, we get to watch DVDs and telly in our room, we get to have loud mind blowing sex again (snigger), yell at the dogs to BE QUIET and get back into THEIR BEDS, turn on lights, brush our teeth with the door open and the most important… save on electricity (2 aircon units on from 8pm to 7pm, you actually see a noted jump, crazy).  I do admit I’ll miss rubbing her really round head while she’s feeding :).


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