Snack Attack

Feeding Rylen has been a real pain the last 6 months or so, she takes AGES and grumbles and spits out her food, I cannot stand when she does that. On Saturday, she was exceptionally annoying and it wasn’t even anything nasty! It was basically ABC style soup – carrots, corn, potato, pork ribs, but oh wow the drama. Then it hit me she had snacks earlier and then she took a few bites of our cake… so the new rule – NO SNACKS before lunch and dinner, only after and usually fruits or yogurt. Huge difference on Sunday! I  think since she’s nearly two, she can deal without the snacks and is old enough not to have a meltdown just because she’s a little hungry.

She still has yogurt melts when she goes potty especially when she’s being difficult but I prefer to give her star stickers. I don’t really like the idea of food as a reward.

Anyways, last weekend we also dropped by the Parent Magazine Fair at Suntec and they has a balance bike which we can attach pedals when she gets older but it’s 200 plus after discount… I really don’t know if she’ll even enjoy it 😦 I was actually thinking of getting her a second hand YBike actually. Decisions decisions.


2 thoughts on “Snack Attack

  1. Young Parents magazine is giving the same balancing bike (think it’s the same) FREE if you sign up with them for 2 years – just FYI.

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