Potty Training Adventures Part II

Still accidents especially when she’s excited and busy playing and she’ll announce it while in action…lovely. She’s not too keen about pooping so 24hours poop free and needless to say she had a hard time… and I sat and waited, amazed at the smells a little body can produce, she did her poop and I gave her – a multi vitamin gummy bears ( I get to use vitamins as treats, woot). Then she has her lunch and I’m in the loo with her and she’s taken a piss in the big girl toilet bowl and we’re in the shower and she goes “Mommy! Poo Poo!” now poop sometimes means pee and frankly she’s pooed and peed so I looked at her and went ‘go right ahead’… and she did a little squat and I was waiting for pee and OMG she was really taking a dump IN THE SHOWER!! Sigh. Can I just say, I’m glad I had dogs long before I had kids and things like these don’t faze me as much especially when you’ve cleaned anal glands,  diggleberries off a dogs bum etc but still… a bit disturbing. I just hope she doesn’t think this is the norm :(.



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