Rylen – Month 23

Dearest Rylen,

It’s hard to wrap around the fact that you’ll be TWO in less than a month.

This was taken at your last birthday… you were sad because people kept opening your toys 😦 and you were tired… @ a year old
There are times I feel bad that you weren’t given enough one on one time… I feel bad for Jordan too and then I need to remind myself  – you really love … as you call her Jor-DUM and she really is fascinated with you and this is the best thing your Daddy and myself have given you both – siblings.

We’re planning a little do for you again, I know it’ll spiral but we are trying to keep it small till you’re old enough to enjoy more friends.  Frankly, you’ll see this party really is all about well… me. Because one day you’re gonna demand a Barney or Sponge Bob or some Princess party and I’m gonna gag and be forced to go along with it because birthdays wishes are oh-so-important to me.

Wait and see!



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