More Than Me Time

There are days that I feel so overwhelmed that my chest hurts and my hands go a bit numb and I fear that this is all there is. OMG! My life revolves around kids, bills, dogs, work and that’s it! I have to keep telling myself it will get better! The money we have to set aside to pay for reno loans will come in handy and we can travel again. I was looking at a secondary schoolmates’ travel photos… TRAVEL not holiday, HUGE difference and oh how I miss traveling. Holidays are nice and all but traveling, especially on a shoe string, it feeds something else.

The husband doesn’t get that, he likes nice hotels, doing nothing, chilling… don’t get me wrong I like that too… less chilling but yes… I love holidays. Traveling, pretending you’re part of another country, learning something new, different, being somewhere you need to actually be aware of what’s happening around you (unlike here) is just awesome. I miss it so much and I hope that one day my girls get to travel with me and love it as much as I do.


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