Hello My Name is Marie and …

I’m addicted to Groupon. I have to date – 4 canvas prints, 1 photo session, 2 or was it 3 weight lost programmes (I need help okay, don’t judge :P), 2 mani-pedi-s, 2 massages for myself (4 total)… and counting. It’s an addiction and I’m not proud of the fact that I’m addicted but I love how I have cheap mani and pedicures and massages. However, R is rather appalled and I need to stop or at the very least slow down and I am, really. I even deleted the App from my phone… well Rylen did and I haven’t put it back. ahahaha

I’m shamefully addicted to eating. Two babies back to back, always feeling hungry, I’m so used to being full and really satisfied! It’s be super hard to shed the baby weight, I’m trying, really I am… well, I have been. I had a salad and fish fingers and some tomato based soup for dinner the other day and it felt clean and I felt pretty good but I was still hungry an hour later, so, I had an oatmeal biscuit, those healthy, kinda tasteless ones and then R comes and sits next to me with a bowl of yummy cereal.. grrr. Today, instead of fries – I had broccoli and baked potato with chili… but with fake cheese sauce and erm… a coke float… in my defense, I made it a SMALL coke float *hangs head in shame). I’m TRYING…. really.

I’m also addicted to…not running. Okay, I love running but it’s damn hard with 10 kg of extra weight. I’ve managed once a week (every week) since the Shape Run. Not good but it’s promising. I just need to stop feeling sorry for myself and my lack of sleep and get in an early morning weekend run. I’ve also signed up for an exercise class every Monday during lunch, Tuesday runs and if I can just do something on Sat or Sun… I’d be set.


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