Oh My Word…

Psst. I have a secret… I’m freaking terrified to have sex with my husband cos I’m terrified of getting pregnant. I know… come on Marie, what’s wrong with you Marie, don’t be silly. Yes, I’m still breast feeding, I don’t have my period yet and I’m on a breast feeding safe pill (that I swear makes me hungry and fat), I forgot to take the pill on one bad night and woke up at 2am to take it, yes, I’m THAT scared. Like if R looks at me lovingly I just might get pregnant and the poor sod will have to sell his ass every night so we can make ends meet.

My ‘boss lady’ is 40 something and got pregnant, she was blind-sided. Then today, I haven’t clicked on this blog for sometime; because as much as I like her and think her kids are beautiful… I like meat and am not a fan of the vegetables and she has many post about vegatables. Anyways, I’m sitting at my desk pumping and oh hello old friend and OMG, wait a minute, you’re pregnant with twins WHOA and I wanan re-punch those two women who thought I was pregnant with twins at Ikea. I was NEVER this huge… ever! So yeah, I’m even more scared because now …what happens if I get pregnant again and this time with twins! CAN’T CATCH MY BREATH….and seriously no one wants to PAY for pregnant ass… well, on one sane.



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