My Days Off

I get to take a day off a week to spend some time with my babies… all of them. It’s hard work.

Yesterday, I was in quite a bit of pain, I had my first exercise class in a year plus? I did my first sit ups and tricep curls and I wanted  to cry 🙂 but it felt good in a a sadistic way. On Tuesday, I . Slept. In…. TILL 8.30am! Woot! ahahaha, sigh. Rushed to settle things with Jordan – feed, bathe, put down for her nap and then got Ry ready for the pool. It’s a new public pool and it’s nice and all…. cept that there are rather annoying ‘life guards’ (seeing that I am likely  to have higher qualifications to save lives and even swim than they do in general it’s a laugh really) who were major whistle happy and crusty old PRC mean ladies who used the kiddy pool to massage themselves and started to get angry when kids get in their way. Argh. What’s up with old people just because you speak louder does not mean that we’re intimidated, it just means you’re rude and crass. Anyways, I digress; Rylen and Chris had lotsa fun at the pool. I love her face when she’s at a playground or the pool these days I see actually excitement and it makes going that extra mile worthwhile. Then she made herself even happier on calamari rings.
Cheekiness after a Swim
With Chris after the swim, he’s suddenly looking VERY much older 😦

In the evening I had to feed Ry, urgh. According to my maid she’s a breeze to feed when I’m not around, I don’t really believe her but whatever. Jordan refused her rather sweet carrots – I think she just has no really interest in solids for some reason, very different from Rylen. They went to the playground and I went for a RUN with the furbabies and then met with them to get dinner for the adults and start the process of putting all to bed. Oh my GAWD, the pain… my abs, my shoulders (plus I had to carry Ry back home on my shoulders) my knees and even my feet hurt. It like a return of an old friend like a Newman.


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