The Last Weekend

There are gonna be a few non-baby post scattered off and on because I can’t be bothered to have separate sites and I’m trying to decide if I should make this a .com.

Anyways, I was looking for snail mail addresses and came across an email sent in 2006, I don’t file emails, I know – bad and blah blah blah but yes, I DON’T LIKE FILING ANYTHING and won’t unless totally necessary. Back to the point, I found an email I sent to my girlfriends in 2006! Whoa! About Diets and Exercise! Whoa! We were logging in what we were eating and how much or little we were exercising to shame ourselves into eating healthy and exercising more. I admit, it didn’t last very long, it worked for a while and then it died a slow and natural death. Some of us got fitter, some of us got pregnant and *hangs head in shame* fat. Shockingly, when I sent out the emails I thought I was gonna get hate mail back but…noooo. I got – lets start this again, this was a good idea etc! Whoa! I’m pleasantly surprised :).

I’m trying to get back into that frame of mind and it hasn’t been easy. I’d like to think that first comes the exercise and then the healthier eating will follow… it hasn’t been working very well but this Logging of the Food might help. Because what I had for dinner last night and lunch today is pretty shameful :(. My lame as heck excuse is that I need an extra 500 calories but you’ll be amazed to know that a mooncake is 800 calories!! I was very sad when I learnt this, I do like my mooncakes and I can finish at least 1/4 in a sitting and I think if I applied myself I would have no issues finishing one in a day (I have also informed R that we’re not BUYING mooncakes this year). 800 calories that’s more than a quarter pounder!! In a meal with medium fries and a coke it’s “only” 960 calories. So if I had a meal and a mooncake, it would mean that’s it! I might be able to squeeze in a salad, I’m working on 2000 or so calories a day, since I’m still breastfeeding and will need to drop it to about 1500 a day after, crap crap crap, no coffee even.

That puts everything in perspective doesn’t it? I do hate counting calories but I don’t have a choice if I want to drop 10 kg by Christmas! I have clothes that I bought before I found out I was pregnant with Rylen which I haven’t worn yet! I know that if I don’t drop this weight soon, I’m gonna just stay this way or get even bigger and that kinda sucks because I do not like this body one bit. I’ve never been thin (nor overweight) but I have been fit – I liked my arms, my back, my shoulders and heck some days I even liked my ass…can you imagine? I.Liked.My. ASS! I like that as big as it was, it didn’t sag, at all, I even liked my thunder thighs because I knew how powerful they were …now… eeks and gag. I look at my body and I don’t want my daughters to think that this body is okay, it’s not, diabetes, heart problems etc are all on the horizon with THIS body. I don’t really have a choice when I think about things that way, do I? It’s not just about being vain.





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