Jordan – 6 Months

Dearest Jordan,

You turned six months yesterday and it was epic! It was the day you decided that you didn’t want a nap at all which also meant that I had to cancel your first swim. I’ve got balls but not enough to deal with a sleep deprived baby on the MRT, swimming, getting changed at a semi public toilet… no way, that’s just asking for trouble. So 20 minutes of you screaming, you’d fall asleep for a good…. 15 mins, oh yay? Drove all us at home – mad and you had eye bags by the evening!! I don’t know if you’re teething (cos you bit my chin and held on…while laughing, weirdo) or it’s because you keep trying to get up/sit up from lying down by yourself (you’ve been doing 180 turns in you cot too). I know I need to lower that cot soon but that will also mean that you’ll have to move into Rylen’s room and it won’t be known as Ry’s Room any more :).

But seriously, nap issues aside, you’re a darling darling (yes, double darlings) baby, always ready with a smile, it’s a pleasure coming home and seeing your chubbiness. It’s sooo amusing to watch both of you play together. When I laugh you laugh and that makes me laugh even more; such a happy baby.

Food wise, you’re very different from you older sister, you’re not at all keen – cereal is boring and so far you only like sweet potato, anything else and you look grossed out. Mummy’s trying, more things to come, promise. I think because you’re still being breastfed, nothing is better than milk, however… I think you’re starting to lose interest :(, only if you’re super hungry, tired or in need of comfort it’s easy to feed you. Otherwise it’s a battle for you to stay still, you’re always trying to get up, watch people, play, argh. Oh well, 6 months on 83% breast milk, I never could catch up and cover that 1 bottle of formula. You’ve also finally taken to water, I know books say babies don’t need water but this is Singapore and I believe babies here need some water, remember that when you become a Mom.

I can’t believe you’ve gotten from this
4 days old
at 4 Days old

to this
6 months with Lil Miz Crazy
Just taken last night before bed time 🙂

I really want to get a nice shot of your smile but every single time you see the camera or phone you look shocked.

Time really has flown by, some days I feel so bad that I just don’t have the energy or the time to put in as much effort with you as I did with your sister. 6 months and I haven’t gotten you into the pool yet, blah, I’m a bit disappointed. We do try, Daddy’s new job means he doesn’t get as much off days and it’s too scary to bring both of you out myself, soon, I’m sure. I’m just taking comfort with the fact that Rylen picks up some of the slack :). You have no idea right now how much you are loved, the kisses we all shower on you, I bet you’ll get pissed off soon enough but for now all 3 of us are milking your willingness to be kissed as much as we can.

I know another 6 months will fly by and before we know it you’ll be walking and talking and we’ll have double trouble on our hands and you know what? I can’t wait 🙂

Hugs and many many kisses,




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