Bedtime Woes

We’ve been trying to get them both to bed by 8.30pm. We can’t have dinner before since I get home at 7pm and  the husband gets home these days around 7.30 or 8pm. We really would like to at least have dinner together even if it means that we’re watching TV…at least it’s together? *sheepish grin*. As it is I already need a snack around 4.30pm everyday or my milk supply dips cos I’m so bloody hungry. Coming home to a clingy toddler and a baby who wants to cuddle, pull my hair and bathe (at the same time if possible) PLUS two dogs who are chanting pet me pet me pet me pet me pet me pet me PET ME NOW! It’s usually the crazy hour. Some days when I’m had a shitty day at work I actually sit downstairs for 5 minutes to just chill take a deep breathe and go on in. I try and get Jordan bathe and changed and ready to be fed by 7.30pm, depending on how grumpy she is there are 3 scenarios:-

1. Ry throws a bitch fit and insist I bathe her too, I will do this if Jordan isn’t acting like she’s starving. On Tuedays I shower with Rylen after my run and the helper bathes Jordan

2. Jordan takes 1 side and we go to Ry’s room and read, play a little before I give her the second boob, sing to her (I know I actually believe I can sing now, how motherhood changes you), she goes to sleep (usually no fuss at night) and while I’m doing this R puts Ry to bed

3. Some days Jordan acts like she hasn’t had milk in AGES (but she’s had a feed at 6pm) or when R is working late, I feed Jordan both sides and get her to sleep by 8pm. Then I go and read and play with Rylen and when R’s not around this stretches to 9pm for sure, because she hates when I leave the room and insist that I sit down on the chair still she’s asleep. Everyone else; maid, my mom, R, they can all leave after prayers and a kiss or hug goodnight NOT MOMMY, no way.

The aim is to eat by 8.30pm, some days it works and those 30 mins makes a whole lotta difference, we can bring the dogs for a longer walk, we can watch proper TV and sleep at a decent time, bliss.  Them sleeping by 8.30pm also makes it possible for us to – catch a movie, meet people for food and drinks, have dinner out together, you know… makes us feel human but not assholes for not spending time with the kids.


One thought on “Bedtime Woes

  1. LOL! I sometimes stand outside the door for a few minutes of quiet before I go into the house too because I know it is going to be madness once I open that door!

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