Nearly Two

There’s nothing like a child’s upcoming birthday to make a mother feel morose.

I can’t believe Rylen’s nearly two. It seems like just yesterday I was teaching her how to walk and say Da-Da. Now she runs, sounds exasperated when she says something we don’t understand and even corrects us when we call her Rylen…  to her, her name is Lala *rolls eyes*. A few weeks back at 9am she was pointing out the balcony window telling me “Moon, Mommy, MOOOOOON” and I was in the kitchen, looked at the clock and went “No honey, there’s no moon, it’s 9 in the morning, the Moon comes out at night” She looks miffed, points again, bends to the side for extra measure and exclaims ” Mommy… MOOOOOON, there, there!” So I go and look and lo & behold the god damn moon is still out and it’s a sunny 9 am. That and a few other incidents have taught me not to ignore her because she actually knows what she’s talking about.

She has the cheek to tell her Daddy how she’s thrown things out the window and how she’s chucked my phone on the maid’s bed. Rylen has her own personality and she’s mostly a clown. She hates to see people cry especially her Mei Mei, even when other kids her age cry she gets upset and will ask us why why why. She loves cats and usually loves her dogs, sometimes she’ll pick up their kibble one by one to feed them and amazingly they’ll eat every single piece she gives them. She loves to make us all laugh, last night she made this fish mouth when I was trying to kiss her and it cracked me up and she just kept doing it because she knew it made me laugh. She sings songs and does weird things to make Jordan laugh, it’s the sweetest thing… because when you think about it…she’s not even two! She’s such an awesome big sister, I’m always amazed. I love her especially in the mornings, I can hear her singing, saying her alphabet or talking to herself…she’s happiest in the mornings, it’s a pity we’re usually rushing to go to work, I’m feeding Jordan or we’re both too tired to move and need that one day to catch up on sleep 😦 but I love listening to her.

It’s been a bad week for me with Jordan’s night time nonsense, my mastitis and my allergic reaction swollen eye… mostly likely caused by the dogs but this is the worst case to date! I haven’t been able to do much for Ry’s birthday party and there was a minute where I felt like just calling MacDonalds and moving the party there (I loved it) BUT we really limit the fast food junk with the kids so that won’t fly. Writing about what a wonderful little girl she’s been this year with the many many changes she’s had to deal with I really need to make this little party FUN FUN FUN! I have basically FRIDAY, OH My GEEE!


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