Screw the Pacifier!

So I’m anti pacifier and I know it annoys my MIL and I think deep down it makes me happy that she can’t wrap her mind around the fact that my children don’t want, don’t need, can’t stand the tu tu *evil laughter* Still I think it’s a useful tool to get them off the boobs and maybe help them sleep. We did use them for that reason, kinda forced the darn things on them… well the husband did, I can’t stand it so it made it very hard to force something that vile into my babies mouths. I admit it helped a tiny bit but I don’t like them beyond 4 months. However, a few weeks back Jordan was been a total cow about sleeping in her cot at night, she’d wake up so many times and wanted to sleep on our bed. So I bought a new pacifier and OMG the screams of protest, wow, I just spent 8 bucks on something I don’t like, she cannot stand… I mean you should have heard that indignant tone in her cry…stunning. Needless to say that was 8 bucks down the drain.

But it made me wonder how is it that some kids love them so and my kids can’t stand them… does my distaste for the darn things rub off? Really?



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