I Iz Sick

I thought the flu jab made me invincible! BUT NOOOOO, I managed to get really bad stomach flu, mastitis, an allergic reaction swollen eye thingie and now… it seems the FLU. Come on!!

I think I got it from the really disappointing Mani/ Pedi place I went to last week… the manicurist coughed in her hand and then touched me!! I wanted to recoil BUT I have the flu jab right? RIGHT?????!! So I didn’t. I went back to my office and used a dettol wet wipe but it was too late :(. Anyways, I’m sick, I’m at work cos I have stuff to do and I’m not my ‘big’ boss’s favourite person right now so I haven’t a choice PLUS I don’t want to stay home and increase Rylen’s chance of catching this from me. So please stay away from the sick girl…. cept my boss, I think I’ll go into his room this morning to say HELLO!




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