Bitch Slapped by Life

I was complaining on Facebook about what a horrible Monday I had and decided to share it here, cos I’m throwing myself a little online pity party.

Anyways, it started with an event early in the morning, I really didn’t want to come in since I spent most of my night on the sofa, coughing but I dragged my ass. Then I got told off for not knowing my stuff… I was giving a different set of instructions on Friday and things change as it always does during events but because ‘the man’ in the office is too freaking cheap to pay for us to claim taxi fare to come in earlier for a proper briefing… not his money btw, things happen, not a big deal but some people really like to nitpick.

Then on the way home, my transport breaks down BUT not before trying to poison us with some made in China toxic, fake rubber chemical fumes, I wasn’t sure if I was gonna puke or pass out after 10 mins and THEN the damn bus breaks down and causes an evening slow-down on the AYE, never buy made in China vehicles COME’ON! So I’m on the expressway and it’s dangerous, I have a hungry baby at home and suddenly a very very kind stranger stops his car and 4 of us get in. I felt a little bad because there were 2 others still left behind… but 4 others grabbed a cab and didn’t care and it sucks but I don’t wanna be the stupid girl who gets left behind with the driver. I have a baby  to feed and that’s my main concern… but yes, I feel bad still. Anyways, this guy rocked and I feel like it really must pay this forward and not involve animals or just money… hmm.

I get home and I smell like burnt rubber. I have two sick girls and I need to hurry up and give them some meds and get the nose drops done, feed Jordan and read Ry a book. I finally start to wind down and my oh so loving, handsome, sensitive husband turns to me and says – you know my profile picture of you and I on Facebook? uh huh. You were so tiny BACK THEN.… then he passes the phone to Ry and ask  if she knows who that person is. OMG!! Wanna keena slap. Thank goodness Ry gets it right. Hmph. Didn’t I just marry Mr SENSITIVE??

At 3am, Jordan wakes up and I give in for a feed and she’s still not happy, she wants to just ‘nom’ on something and whine and whine. R gets kicked off the bed and shares the sofa with Axl. For the next 2 hours I have to lie on my side and play the role of human pacifier or she will not sleep, she looks all upset and tired but cannot sleep. Doesn’t teething just ROCK YOUR SOCKS!! I put down my t-shirt and get scolded, lie on my back and get scolded. I have to be right beside her so when ever she feels like it she can get some milk and cuddles… OMG. I would NEVER let this fly but she looked soooo upset, I didn’t have much of a choice. She’s got another 2 days of this and then she can just wallow in self-pity in her cot.

Plus, I’m still sick because when I get the flu at this time of the year EVERY SINGLE YEAR… it will either turn into a nasal infection or it’ll spread to the lungs and give me another reminder that I HAVE ASTHMA!

I remember 6 or so years ago when my ex and I couldn’t get our shit together and we were at each other throats about the custody of our dog and it got really ugly, I was on my bed crying my eyes out asking God why, what’s wrong, why can’t I just have something TO LOVE… I don’t need to be loved… I just want something to love and take care off and feel wanted… and then wow… 2 dogs, 2 kids and a meanie all demanding love and ATTENTION. I got what I wanted and more …much more, didn’t I.

I’ll stop now.





One thought on “Bitch Slapped by Life

  1. Aww…
    @R: are you reading this? You better buy her some flowers, take her out to dinner and remember to hold the door open for her! Stat!

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