Rylen – 24 Months

Dearest Rylen,

I’m going to pretend that this post isn’t way overdue.

You turned two recently and I look at you and I don’t know if I want to cry, pick you up and shower you with kisses or… so I just look at you and my eyes get teary and my heart wants to burst because seriously I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love you. You’re the first ‘thing’ I ever got 100% right :).

About your party, we wanted to keep it small-ish but really wanted you to have some friends over, unfortunately the few kids your age we invited were sick, sigh. Not that you really cared I guess, as long as your Kor Kor Ian’s around it’s all good :P. It was harder to get things done this year, splitting time to make and decorate your cake, whip up something simple for the adults to eat, carry you, PLUS feed Jordan… I really was close to a melt down. What was I thinking! Soon you will realise that your Mummy does this very often, she’ll pull through … just… and god help the people who get in her way. So yes, we might take a break next year, maybe a stay-cation or something that won’t drive me batty.

We had three little birthday parties for you, crazy but that’s us.. all kinda Kitty themed..


The first one was because your Grandpa aka Ah Pa, had to go for an operation (he’s okay) and he wanted to be there for some sort of celebration and Mummy needed to practice your cake. It was a really nice with just both sets of grandparents, the downside – Mei Mei was sleeping, oh well. We also got the sweetest video of you and your total excitement… song, cake and candles. What more can a two year old ask for 🙂 (the video was also the reason this post is super late… I’m just saying.

You LOVE this video and watch it at least 3 times a day on week days and at least 5 times on weekends.

We rented a table and a toy, we had little canapes, I was too tired to make fresh scones and a slightly odd looking Kitty cake (my bad, my first try was way better) and we sang Happy Birthday too many times… as you can tell…

Happy 2nd B'day
Oh singing…

Lil Icing here...
Maybe if I take a lil icing here…

Lil Icing There...maybe no one will notice...and there … no one will notice..

OMG, enough with the singing already...
OMG, enough with the singing already!

Ry's 2nd B'day

I think you had fun, too much sugar in general but a good time… but I’m not done yet!

Sunday, your birthday, your Aunties came over and we had some breakfast and SANG SOME MORE!! Cos we all love our little RyBear. There were balloons and a brand new Pewi .. which for some reason you seem to prefer to carry around instead of ride *face palm*.




Rylen Renee, I know I’ve mentioned this soooo many times but you’re a darling child; smart, funny, independent, entertaining and loving all rolled into one and the most amazing is you’re a little itty bitty girl yourself and you’re such a great 姐姐!! I know one day I’m most likely going to be singing a totally different tune (for a while) but I love this stage of you and you’ll always amaze us.

Love always,



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