Jordan – 7 Months

Dearest Jordan,

My little wise one, you always look so solemn and then you’ll flash your smile and sigh, it just lights up your whole face.

These days, you want attention when I get home, you never really bothered till recently. Last night when I got back – Rylen was demanding my phone, Stomper was jumping up and down, Axl was under my bum trying to sneak in a little affection while I was getting down to your level to pick you up!~ The madness. I try and give you a bath most nights but some nights I get home late (traffic) and there are nights I know Rylen needs a little more attention. Then it’s just you and me time, we cuddle, sing and in 5 minutes you’ve had enough of me and just want MILK, some days we join Ry and Daddy for a book or two and maybe a silly song and there are days I can tell you just want to sleep. You usually don’t make much of fuss, just get comfy and zzz but when you do I just tell you ‘no no no, sleep’ and it seems to work, I don’t linger for more than 2 minutes before I go and spend a few minutes with Rylen before she goes to bed as well.

But now… I think your teeth are playing hide and seek with us. I could have sworn I saw two whites at the bottom and your grandma swears she saw two on the top… problem is … I don’t see anything anymore!! Ahaha.  The sucky thing about teething is when you get up in the middle of the night, either because your nose is running or your gums are hurting, you’re impossible to put back to bed!! I can only deal with one crying session a night, if you get up a second time I just put you on the bed with me and give you a boob, that allows me to get some very much needed sleep. It’s such a bad habit and teething really throws all sleep training out the darn window, argh.

I never got to feed Rylen this long, she was on breast milk till she was 7.5 months but it was mostly me pumping since she was 4 months, so I’m a little nervous on what’s going to happen when you do have your teeth… hmm. However, feeding you has been such joy that I don’t know, I might not want to stop …maybe a year? maybe till Christmas? We’ll see.

My darling Jordan Sage, it’s different you being the last born. True, I can’t spend as much time with you as I did with Rylen. I do hate silly people who point that out, I mean come on, there’s just one of me and I’m trying my best, I just hope you know that. You’re not second best in anyway, you’re in fact just as special in a different way… does that make sense? I guess, knowing that you’re my last, I want to savour every little bit of your baby-ness. I’m in no hurry to see you crawl, walk, stand etc. As long as you’re reaching the milestones at the correct time, I’m happy, I don’t want to rush anything at all. I take the time to smell your baby smell, stroke your head, nibble your toes (Ry already has gunk under her toenails, gross :P). It’s a different kind of special and it’s just for you.

My little roundness, something tells me you’re extra special.

Love you,


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