Weekend Just

It’s Thursday and it had been pretty uneventful, got home to two happy children. Caught some lovely pictures of Jordan and Rylen that night….
Jordan and Ry
Soon after that series of photos were taken Ry complained that her tummy was pain, then itchy, then pain… so I had to explain what itchy was and she then said pain. I sat her down on the changing table to show me where it hurt and she proceed to vomit and vomit and then again.

Cleaned her up and R took over while I fed and put Jordan to bed. Went back to see to Rylen and she refused her milk and cookies!! So we, gave her some water and she managed to fall asleep. We had dinner, watched half a movie and then she started crying and was covered in puke. Stripped the sheets and cleaned her up. She didn’t want anything to drink, just a tiny sips of water. R managed to get her back to sleep but within 30 mins she was crying and her pillow had vomit, R took her to the shower to rinse her hair and I changed the sheets again. She only wanted to sleep on my chest, she fell asleep and we put her back to bed and… you guessed it, she vomited again. Stripped the sheets again and brought her to our room. R slept on the floor and I waited till Ry was fast asleep on my chest and put her down on R’s side of the bed… we got about an hour of sleep and then I felt her turn and opened my eyes to see her make a funny face, grabbed a nappy (they are so useful) nearby and she puked mostly on that. She started wailing and Jordan wakes up. So R gets her cleaned up and changed while I feed Jordan and get her back to bed.

Rylen refuses to drink, refuses a vitamin gummy bear. We decided to being her to the 24 hr clinic nearby, my gut told me to just get through the night but we didn’t understand what was wrong. 65 bucks later, we were told to just monitor her and try and get her drinking again… urgh. Finally at 4.30am, she’s in her bed and I lie with her till she falls fast asleep. I get back to my bed and before I know it, it’s time to feed Jordan. Thank goodness I didn’t have anything on and took Childcare Leave. THEN, my maid tells me she thinks there’s something wrong with the fish (which I just got a 2 days ago) and she wasn’t feeling well either because she finished the fish Ry refused to finish. Can I just say… my maid is an idiot? Can I? Cos this into would have been useful THE NIGHT BEFORE!! Argh.

Anyways, Rylen managed to share some of my breakfast and had Milo and a little of her lunch and was good by dinner. By the time a really tired Daddy got home, he was mighty pleased to hear her voice and listen to her sing her mash-ups again. I was a little bummed I didn’t get to go on my pre-scheduled MUCH NEEDED girlie time with Stef & Wen and I looking at my schedule at work and at home… I doubt I’ll have much time in the near future, boo.

Saturday, she was a little off during her class but in general okay. She’s been a little fussy with food and super clingy but we’ll deal with that later.

On Sunday, while Jordan slept, we brought Ry out for breakfast and grocery shopping with us (aren’t we so happening?). Anyways, shopping was for prep for R’s little surprise birthday dinner. I made root beer cake and then fancied up some Deconstructed Root Beer Floats with fresh whipped cream by my hand held mixer and vanilla ice-cream. Before that we had the husband’s all time favourite Cod Fish with Garlic Rice and Asparagus. It’s was so difficult to get decent pieces of cod, bloody annoying. Anyways, he was surprised (yet again, cos in general he’s oblivious) and nom nom nom happy.

So Happy Birthday Husband, I can’t wait for some couple time tomorrow afternoon!!


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