Yesterday was the husband’s birthday and it wasn’t as awesome as he hoped it would be, sigh. Their are called babies aka responsibilities and I doubt it’ll get any easier.

We did have a rather painful but good massage at Qi Mantra, all the good restaurants around Holland Village were closed by the time we were done.. in the end we ended at Carl’s Jr… I know right… What?? Frankly I was tempted to book into a Hotel 81 and sleep for 3 hours instead of eat and be home just in time  to get the babies ready for bed. But yes, we had food and I nearly had food coma, I didn’t even need dinner. We got home in time to bring both kiddos to the park for some slide and swing action. In return both were super easy to put to bed. Watched the rest of a movie (yes we split movies, sad right?) and then watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians and called it a night.

During the massage I was thinking … should I tell the lady to ease up? And I think me and the husband need to go on a trip together alone once Jordan turns 1, or just before. Between work, kids, dogs and life in general… it’s crazy, I don’t know how my parents did it but an afternoon or a movie once every other week is just not cutting it. Now it’s deciding between Bangkok or Phuket…. this body votes for Bangkok. ahaha :(.


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