The Terror Last Weekend

It starts on Friday, I took a half day to bring Rylen to watch Sesame Street – Elmo’s Green Thumb. Now I’m old, so Elmo is kinda after MY ERA, I like Big Bird and the Cookie Monster :). Big Bird’s all wise and smart and Cookie Monster with the eyes, broken English and slight speech impediment made him adorable. Of course when I got old I kinda felt an infinity with Oscar. Anyways, getting back to the plot. Rylen hardly watches TV, I allow 2 times a day for 30 mins and she rarely goes beyond 15 minutes. She knows Dora and CBeebies – Night in the Garden and gets very excited…  you see she thinks these things look like Jordan and she loves them… I can’t say I can disagree with her 🙂

Ry goes JorDAM ...

So we’re watching Elmo and OMG Rylen would not sit still, she enjoyed one song about numbers, that’s it. Then she whines that she wants to go home. Seriously!?! Wasn’t that suppose to start at 12 or something? I got so annoyed I told her she could go home and I’d see her later….she continued  to walk down the dark steps and my mother went after her. Oh did I mention my MOTHER? She decided that it was getting late and close to Ry’s dinner so she got her a muffin! And let her eat it…….. in my Dad’s car… now if you don’t know my Dad you will not get how freaking stressed out I was in the car. Since I can remember we were NOT allowed to drink anything but water in the car… not food… just water…. ALL THE WAY TO MALAYSIA. We can stop and eat… but in the car… WATER. The man LOVES his cars, you can never ever find a cleaner, more waxed and polished car ever… I swear. He gets out of hospital and will go and wash his car, then he’ll rest a few days and cleans the inside and then waxes it. The last time R waxed and polished his car with my Dad was before our wedding…. he said never again and has never really cleaned the car himself since … :P. So can you understand my stress? 4 pieces of tissue, 6 wet wipes and I think I have 80% of the crumbs from the muffin, the rest I figure my parents only have themselves  to blame and can clean up later. So we get home and I really need to clear by boobs and Rylen will not eat, duh right? ARGH! Grandparents!!

Then comes Saturday, she’s her normal odd self in class. Doesn’t want to have anything to do with me, wants to sit with her teachers. Then we leave and it’s MOMMYYYY CARRY CARRY, grrr. We went to Chip Bee Gardens cos I really wanted to go to Pizza Bar, I LOVE their pizzas. But first a trip to the pet store and Rylen LOVES CATS. She really has a thing for them and we agree if we have some sanity left and she still likes cats when she’s older we will get her a cat. Cos we are those kinda parents. Not like MY parents… do you know how much I’ve always wanted dogs… you cannot even imagine. So yes, she can have her cat but we need to start sleeping at 6 hour stretches first cos clearing kitty litter will be pushing my limit. So yes, Rylen was in HEAVEN, cat heaven, 5 or so cats everywhere and they were friendly and they didn’t run away from her, oh the joy! The glee. She even ate well… garlic bread and meatballs. Then some ice-cream even though she poured her water onto my lap when I asked her to finish her cup of water…. yes, cos we are THOSE parents aka push-overs. I have limited memory about the rest of the day but I do remember sending both my kids downstairs so that I could have 15 minutes of quiet time and a shower, so it must have nNOT been fun. We got them both to bed before 8.30pm, woot and went to watch a movie – Friends with Benefits, I liked it a lot.

Then Sunday… oh Sunday. My MIL’s maid went on leave. She basically takes care of the kids better, did I mention she’s going home in a month! Wail. Anyways, so it’s me, R and my maid and my maid… bless her, is nice and all but she can’t control Rylen… not now… not when the TERRIBLE TWOs have FINALLY DESCENDED. For some reason I thought that the freaking awesome parent I was *choke* that we would some how escape? Maybe cos God would show a bit of mercy seeing as that I get an average of 4 hours of sleep every night to GIVE ME A BREAK. But no, Rylen has officially become a two year old. First she gives us hell during lunch, even R can’t get her to eat. So I give the dogs her homemade chicken noodle soup  and open a can of reduced sodium vegetable soup and she takes that. Rylen 1, Mummy 0. Later on, I’m in Ry’s room playing and I’m lying on the mat and she decides it’s fun to throw her baby like doll on the floor. I tell her that’s not nice but I don’t move and then the evilness which is a two year old… decides why not THROW it at her Mummy’s face! OMG, it freaking hurt because I realise it’s one of those freaky dolls that laughs and sucks on a bottle and sighs so it has some mechanical box in it and Rylen has thrown it and my cheek still hurts like someone slapped me really hard… like a lil dude slapped me. Freaking hell man. Try as I did, she didn’t feel bad at all!!

Then dinner came… baked fish with sweet potato and broccoli. She would not swallow. She would ‘eat’ the food and spit it out and of course the dogs were happy. I even threatened to smack her if she refuses to eat … she points to her naughty chair and ask if she can sit in it instead… what????!!! OMG! Rylen 3 Mummy 0.

That was my weekend. I do entertain brief moments of insanity where I wish I could stay home and look after all 4 of my babies, cos I miss them when I’m at work but NO. I will go APE SHIT CRAZY.


2 thoughts on “The Terror Last Weekend

  1. HAHA I always want to laugh and cry when I read your entries! Sometimes I am quite happy to come to the office just so I can have a nice warm drink and few minutes of peace at my desk!

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